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Who We Are

Our company was established in 1963. HOUSEKIHIROBA was founded in 1992, and we have been providing high-quality products and services for more than 25 years as a Watch and Jewelry specialist store.

As well as new products, we also exhibit and sell a wide variety of nearly 5,000 refurbished and overhauled fine second hand items.

We will continue to provide valuable products and services by applying our long years of experience and know-how, so we may be a trusted partner of our customers.

Service Details

  • Watch/jewelry sales
  • Buying of watches/jewelry/fine metals
  • Watch repair and maintenance

Our Locations

Our main store is located near “Shibuya Crossing” in Shibuya, Tokyo and dedicated stores for buying your used items are located in Shinjuku and Shinbashi.
We buy your used items at all of our stores, but sales and repairs are carried out at the Shibuya main store only.

HOUSEKIHIROBA Shibuya Showroom (Main Store)

A2 Bld. 3F 28-3 Udagawa-cho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042

[Hours] 11:00-19:30 (Everyday)
[TEL] +81-3-5458-5429

Shibuya Showroom google map
HOUSEKIHIROBA Shinjuku Trading Shop

Shinjuku Terminal Bld. 2F 3-23-1 Shinjuku
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

[Hours] 11:00-19:30 (Everyday)
[TEL] +81-3-3353-7789

Shinjuku Trading Shop google map
HOUSEKIHIROBA Shinbashi Trading Shop

Kohagido Bld. 2F 2-18-3 Shinbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo 150-0042

[Hours] 11:00-19:30 (Everyday)
[TEL] +81-3-3289-2020

Shinbashi Trading Shop google map


For general questions, please email us or message us via SNS. If you‘d like immediate answer, please call us.

[TEL] +81-3-5458-5429
[Facebook] @housekihiroba
[WeChat ID] housekihiroba
[LINE@] @housekihiroba
[Twitter] @houseki_hiroba
[Instagram] housekihiroba

From all of the staff here, we look forward to seeing you in store.

Payment Methods

We accept these forms of payment:

  • Cash (JPY)
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club)
  • UnionPay (銀聯)
  • WeChat Pay (微信支付)
  • Alipay (支付宝)

*If you would like to pay by credit card, UnionPay card, etc., the cardholder name must match to your passport.
*We basically do not require additional fee for all payment options.

Sales Tax-Exemption

Tax-free shopping is available at HOUSEKIHIROBA. You pay the amount during purchase less 10% tax and no handling charge is needed.
*All our prices include consumption tax (10%).

Eligible persons are below

  • 1) Foreign visitors who have valid passport (original, copy is not acceptable)
  • 2) Temporary visitors (non-resident) who stay in Japan for less than 6 months
    *It has to be less than 6 months from the date of visa you used to enter Japan
[Notes] If you would like to pay by credit card, UnionPay card, etc., the cardholder name must match to your passport.
When you depart, you must take the purchased items out of Japan within 6 months from the entry.
(It is required to sign on the purchase proof that pledges you will finally export the purchased goods, and that you will not dispose of them in Japan.)

Warranty Information

Our new watch comes with an international warranty document of manufacturers which is already issued in foreign countries. Depends on the item, the warranty could be blank, or already dated. (If you’d like to check warranty details prior to purchase, please let us know at our storefront)
However, we can't guarantee the coverage of it because we are a parallel importer, not an authorized dealer of them. You may have to pay for repair services even if it’s in warranty period. (In most cases, manufacturer provides paid repair services)

We provide domestic in-house warranty of our store to customers for after sales services. The warranty period varies by product and is generally 1, 2 or 3 years.
*Please note that we do not accept international shipping for repair work. If you’d like to read warranty information, please let us know.


Item Availability

A product's availability is clearly noted on the product list page and detail page as “In Stock” or “Out of Stock”.
Items displayed as “In Stock” online may be available in our storefront. Our website is updated few times every day (not real time).

In Stock
The item may be available at our store.

Out of Stock
The item is currently unavailable.
We're not able to let you know if we'll be restocking the item.

Please contact the store by phone call to make sure product availability right before you visit if needed. It would be helpful if you tell us the “Product NO” on our website.

TEL: +81-3-5458-5429

You could contact us via SNS like Facebook, WeChat, and LINE as well. However, we may not be able to reply you shortly. If you‘d like immediate answer, please call us.




WeChat ID : housekihiroba




We accept reservations.

Same-day Reservation

We offer same-day reservations with no reservation fee. If you wish to make reservations, please call us. It would be helpful if you tell us the “Product NO” on our website.

TEL: +81-3-5458-5429

You could contact us via SNS like Facebook, WeChat and LINE as well. However, we may not be able to reply you shortly. If you‘d like immediate answer, please call us.




WeChat ID : housekihiroba



Advance Reservation

A full non-refundable advance deposit is required for reservations longer than one day. The deposit is 10% of the tax included price, and we accept payments only through Alipay (支付宝). After receiving payment of the deposit, we will hold the item(s) for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Price Tag

On our website, you can see information as below.

❶ Our Selling Price(10% sales tax included)

❷ Tax free price(10% tax not included)

❸ Retail Price in Japan
(Suggested retail price of authorized dealers in Japan)

❹ Monthly Amount for Installment Loan Payment
(Only for domestic customers)

At our store, there are price tags and labels as below.

Price Tags

Silver Tag...Brand-new item

Green Tag ...Preowned item


Unworn ( preowned) item

Preowned items of the model's also available

Discounted for some reasons
(eg. lacking of warranty document, having some scratches)

International Orders

In addition to over-the-counter sales, our shop also arrange overseas shipments.

International Orders

We've shipped out to over 20 countries so far include USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.

*Shipping and insurance charges are to be taken care by purchasers.

*We can't export crocodile and aligator leather straps because it is restricted by Washington Convention (CITES).

How to Order

①Contact us


We send you back shipping cost




Choose shipping & payment method


③Make Payment


Pay through payment link or bank account




Your package is ready to be shipped

Please contact us for international shipping and insurance charge.



Sales Tax-Exemption

Customers from outside Japan can purchase at sales tax-free price even if you can't visit our store in Tokyo, Japan.

Customs and Import Duties

On International orders, customs and import duties may be applied once the shipment reaches its destination. These charges are the responsibility of the recipient of your order and will vary from country to country.
Contact your local customs office for details.

*Declared value must be the selling price.

Shipping Carrier and Delivery times

You can choose from FedEx and EMS.


[A. FedEx (Intl. Priority)] (Insured by Parcel Pro)
*Delivery Times: Typically in 1 to 3 business days

[B. FedEx (Intl. Economy)] (NOT insured)
*Delivery Times: Typically in 4 to 6 business days

EMS(Express Mail)

[C. Express Mail (EMS)] (Insured by EMS)
*Delivery Times: About 2 to 9 days

[D. Express Mail (EMS)] (NOT insured)
*Delivery Times: About 2 to 9 days

*Item contains precious metals or precious stones (e.g. gold, silver or diamonds ) is prohibited to be sent by EMS.

Shipping Charge

Based on your request, we calculate actual shipping cost.


Shipping charge would be calculated based on the dimensional weight (volumetric weight) or actual weight of the package whichever is greater.

2019 Japan Export Rates

*There are 30% discount and additional fuel surcharge. The percentage is subject to weekly adjustment.

【e.g.】Here are examples of shipping charge.

To China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
  • 2.0kg – 9,608JPY (12,200 * 12.5% *30% discount)
  • 3.0kg – 11,400JPY (14,520 * 12.5% *30% discount)
  • 5.0kg – 14,800JPY (18,920 * 12.5% *30% discount)
To Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
  • 2.0kg – 10,500JPY (13,440 * 12.5% *30% discount)
  • 3.0kg – 8,900JPY (16,520 * 12.5% *30% discount)
  • 5.0kg – 18,500JPY (23,520 * 12.5% *30% discount)
To Germany, U.K., Italy
  • 2.0kg – 18,000JPY (22,920 * 12.5% *30% discount)
  • 3.0kg – 23,000JPY (29,270 * 12.5% *30% discount)
  • 5.0kg – 33,000JPY (42,030 * 12.5% *30% discount)
EMS(Express Mail)

Shipping charge would be calculated based on the weight of the package.

Check rates and delivery days

Payment Methods

Credit Cards (VISA/Master/JCB)

We will generate a payment link for credit cards and send via e-mail.
*For your security and protection, 3D-Secure is required for all online credit card sales.

Alipay (支付宝)

We will generate a payment link for Alipay (支付宝) and send via e-mail.

International Wire Transfer

Send money to our Japanese bank account (MUFG Bank, LTD.).
It may take few working days to confirm the transaction.

*Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I heard that you can't ship crocodile/alligator leather straps. Why? Can I get discount for this issue? How can I get straps?

A1. We can't ship crocodile and alligator leather straps because it is restricted to export them without CITES certification by Washington Convention (CITES = Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). We're afraid we don't discount because of this issue. You can get manufacturer's genuine straps at your local dealers and boutiques.

Q2. I In my country, I may have to pay a lot for import duties or taxes. Can you tell me how much it'll be? Is it possible to ask you to write lower value, or pretend to be other than watch for declaration to avoid tax?

A2.Please contact your local tax office about import duties and taxes. We'll write exact value on paper for declaration.

Q3.Is there manufacturer warranty comes with a new watch?

A3. Our new watches come with international warranty document of manufacturers but we can't guarantee the coverage of it because we are a parallel importer, not an authorized dealer of them. We give HOUSEKIHIROBA warranty (domestic in-house warranty of us) to customers for after sales services.


Q4.How many days will it take for my order to be delivered?

A4.FedEx International Priority typically takes 1 to 3 business days, and FedEx International Economy takes 4 to 6 business days to deliver. EMS takes About 2 to 9 days.

Q5.How much does delivery cost?

A5.We can calculate shipping charge for you. Please contact us and let us know where to ship. We ship from Shibuya, Tokyo by FedEx or EMS.

Q6.Can you give me a discount?

A6.We're sorry all our prices are final and not negotiable. We can’t offer you further discount.

Q7.I have a watch I don’t need anymore. Is it possible to trade with your items?

A7.We love to purchase your watch. However, we have to ask you to bring the watch to our store in Tokyo, Japan to price the watch. We don’t accept international shipping for trade because we can’t price your items unless we inspect them.


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