International Shipping

We ship our items internationally. Please read below carefully and contact us via email if you need assistance.
*We can't export crocodile and aligator leather straps because it is restricted by Washington Convention (CITES).


About Tax

Sales Tax-Exemption

We can offer you 8% sales tax-exemption.
Our prices on Chrono24  are already tax-excluded.

*On our own website, we show tax included prices.
Please divide the amount by 1.08 to calculate after tax prices.

e.g. 935,000 (in-tax)/1.08=865,740JPY (after tax)

Customs and Import Duties

On International orders, customs and import duties may be applied once the shipment reaches its destination. These charges are the responsibility of the recipient of your order and will vary from country to country.
Contact your local customs office for details.
*Declared value must be the selling price.

About Shipping

Shipping and insurance charge are to be taken care by purchasers.

Shipping Carrier

We ship our goods by FedEx "International Priority. "
Shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the goods and delivery address for your order.
Please contact us for shipping charge.

Shipping Insurance

All shipping must be insured via Parcel Pro. Insurance charge will be 0.5% of the selling price.
*There are limitations for some countries and regions.

About Payment

The total of selling price (after tax), shipping and insurance charges is the amount we charge.
There are three payment options.

Credit Cards (VISA/Master/JCB)

We will generate a payment link for credit cards and send via e-mail.
*For your security and protection, 3D-Secure is required for all online credit card sales.

Alipay (xt)

We will generate a payment link for Alipay (xt) and send via e-mail.

International Wire Transfer

Send money to our Japanese bank account (BANK OF TOKYO-MITUBISHI UFJ). It may take few working days to confirm the transaction.
*Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.

About Warranty


We provide our store warranty to the goods we sell. Depending on the item, the warranty period may vary.
*We DO NOT accept international shipping for repair work.


We will, at our sole option, adjust or repair the movement of your watch free of charge within the warranty period if such movement proves to be defective (in material or workmanship) under normal use.
*The expenses of replacement parts will be charged.


  • damage resulting from mistreatment or improper use;
  • damage arising from service or repair performed by any party other than us;
  • the normal aging of the watch, the natural wear and tear of straps, or any defects and scrathes on the case, the crown and the windshield;
  • damage on widing stem, balance staff, or spring;
  • damage or defects due to water intrusion;
  • theft, loss, or damage due to natural disasters and accidents;
  • unnecessary repair works treated to respond to customer's request.


  • This warranty is extended only to the original end-use purchaser, and shall not be extended to any other person or transferee. If you destroy, misplace or alter the document in any way the warranty will become void, we cannot reissue certificates.
  • To obtain warranty service, you must return the item with this warranty.
  • A repair service by manufacturers on vintage watch may not be accepted.
  • Watch parts of vintage and some preowned watches may be replaced by substitutes.
  • A return shipping will apply to service after the warranty expires.
  • We DO NOT accept international shipping for repair work. Please do not send your watch from your country., we may not be able to receive or return it. Please send your watch from Japan or bring it directly to our After-Sales Service Division.
  • If you purchase a brand-new item with the international warranty of manufacturers and need repairs but prefer to have it done somewhere other than us, you may be charged for the repair work even if its covered under your warranty.


  • Due to the nature of items, returns or exchange requests on our merchandise will not be accepted. If the product is faulty, we will offer you a repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I heard that you can't ship crocodile/alligator leather straps. Why? Can I get discount for this issue? How can I get straps?

A1. We can't ship crocodile and alligator leather straps because it is restricted to export them without CITES certification by Washington Convention (CITES = Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). We're afraid we don't discount because of this issue. You can get manufacturer's genuine straps at your local dealers and boutiques.

Q2. I In my country, I may have to pay a lot for import duties or taxes. Can you tell me how much it'll be? Is it possible to ask you to write lower value, or pretend to be other than watch for declaration to avoid tax?

A2.Please contact your local tax office about import duties and taxes. We'll write exact value on paper for declaration.

Q3.Is there manufacturer warranty comes with a new watch?

A3. Our new watches come with international warranty document of manufacturers but we can't guarantee the coverage of it because we are a parallel importer, not an authorized dealer of them. We give HOUSEKIHIROBA warranty (domestic in-house warranty of us) to customers for after sales services.


Q4.How many days will it take for my order to be delivered?

A4.FedEx International Priority typically takes 1 to 3 business days, and FedEx International Economy takes 4 to 6 business days to deliver.

Q5.How much does delivery cost?

A5.We can calculate shipping charge for you. Please contact us and let us know where to ship. We ship from Shibuya, Tokyo by FedEx.

Q6.Can you give me a discount?

A6.We're sorry all our prices are final and not negotiable. We can’t offer you further discount.

Q7.I have a watch I don’t need anymore. Is it possible to trade with your items?

A7.We love to purchase your watch. However, we have to ask you to bring the watch to our store in Tokyo, Japan to price the watch. We don’t accept international shipping for trade because we can’t price your items unless we inspect them.